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On demand Training Videos accessible at your comfortable timings and conveninent environment. Our SSAS Video Training Service (Course Code: VC05) offers complete realtime practical knowledge transfer services for aspiring SQL BI / Cube Developers. Study and Practice Material with Realtime Case Study, Free LIVE Server Access for online Lab are included in this course. Register for SSAS & MDX Video Training

SSAS (MDX & DAX) Video Training - How it works?

Real-time, Practical Training Videos, accessible 24x7. Study, Practice Material and Lab Work for every video. Trainer available for doubts clarifications and support. Theory Material to be provided in Advance.

Type: 100% Practical & Example Based, Real-time
No. of Videos: 12 Videos (Duration: 85 mins per video)
Course Fee: INR 7000/- (USD 120) payable in 2 installments

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Program Highlights & Trainer Profile

  • Completely Real-time and Practical
  • Video wise Lab Work and Tasks
  • One Real-time Case Study
  • Certifications & Interview Guidance
  • Interview FAQs & Resume Guidance
  • 24x7 LIVE Server with Lab, Support

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Basic SSAS Development & Cube Design Advanced SSAS Development & Deployments

SSAS Video 1: Introduction to SSAS & Configurations

  • Installation and Configuration: SSAS 2014 & 2016
  • SSAS Multidimensional Mode - Properties
  • SSAS Tabular Mode & In-Memory - Properties
  • Configuring Multidimensional Mode Instances
  • Configuring Tabular Modes Instances and Tests
  • Understanding Multidimensional Databases (OLAP)
  • SSAS Service Accounts and SQL Browser Service
  • Identifying Analysis Entities in OLAP Database
  • Need for OLAP Databases and Cubes For Analysis
  • Implementing Kimball & Inmon Methods Of BI
  • A Realworld Example - Sales Scenario for SSAS
  • Sample Analysis Requirements and Entities
  • Basic SSAS Database Entities and Usage
  • Comparing OLAP Modes - Storage and Usage Levels

SSAS Video 2: SSAS Cubes with Examples

  • Data Warehouse Schema for OLAP Databases
  • Working with SQL Server Data Tools
  • Understanding SSAS Data Flow Paths
  • Data Sources and Connection Options
  • Data Source Views and Choosing Entities
  • Relations in DSV and Logical Primary Keys
  • OLAP Cube - Design, Access and Working
  • Identifying Measures and Measure Groups
  • Identifying Attributes and Cube Dimensions
  • Entity Level Named Calculations in DSV
  • Data Exploration Options in DSV for Queries
  • Database Dimensions For Entries and Usage
  • Cube Dimensions For Relations and Usage
  • Cube Design - STAR Schema Implementation
  • Common Deployment Errors and Solutions
  • Basic Level Cube Browsing and Access Options
  • Using MS Excel for OLAP Cube Access & Filters

SSAS Video 3: Cube Design and MDX Queries

  • Planning for Cube Design and Relations
  • Identifying Cube Entities - Measure, Attributes
  • Cube Design - SNOWFLAKE Schema Implementation
  • Designing Database Dimensions from Entities
  • Designing Cube Dimensions from Relations
  • Understanding OLAP Cube Builds and Rebuilds
  • Deployment Options, Targets and Transactions
  • Processing Options and Data Load Stages
  • Working with Transactional Deployment Options
  • Differentiating Cube and Database Dimensions
  • OLAP Cube Data Process and Clean-up Options
  • Using MDX Interface and Cube Browser (VS, SSMS)
  • Reporting AXIS and Indicators with Relations
  • NON EMTPY Function and Naming Conventions
  • Basic MDX Calculations using MDX Expressions
  • Using WHERE, Member Conditions and Filters (MDX)
  • Cube Analysis with Excel Tables and Pivot Options
  • Configuring ODC Connections For SSAS Access
  • PIVOT Tables and Cube Reports for OLAP Databases

SSAS Video 4: Dimension Types and Hierarchies

  • Cube Dimension Types, Usage and Importance
  • Identifying OALP Cube Dimension Entities
  • Role Playing Dimensions - Usage and Importance
  • Fact & Factless Dimensions - Usage and Importance
  • Referenced Dimensions - Usage and Importance
  • Conformed Dimensions - Usage and Importance
  • Degenerate Dimensions - Usage and Importance
  • Junk & Hierarchical Dimensions - Usage and Importance
  • Need for Hierarchies with Database Dimensions
  • Attribute Relations and Usage in MDX (Cube Access)
  • Real-World Performance Warnings and Solutions
  • Attribute Key Errors and Solutions (Common Issues)
  • Advantages of Hierarchies with Pivot Reports
  • Working with Multi Level Attribute Hierarchies
  • Understanding Composite Dimension Attribute Keys
  • Cube Calculations with MDX and Hierarchies
  • MDX Editors for Hierarchies and Attribute Levels
  • Default Aggregate Members with Cube Calculations
  • Dimension Hierarchies - Purpose, Usage and Limitations

SSAS Video 5: Time Based MDX and Enhancements

  • Working with Time Based Dimension Types
  • BI Enhancements and MDX - Purpose
  • Time Type Calculations with MDX Expressions
  • Identifying Attributes and Hierarchies
  • Attribute Types For Date/Time and Scope
  • Time Based Attributes - Options and Usage
  • Need for Time Based Dimensions in OLAP
  • MDX Scripting for Time Calculations
  • Additives Measures & Semi Additives Measures
  • Cube Customizations Options and Rules
  • MDX Calculations and Browsing Options
  • Attribute Calculation Sets and MDX Scripts
  • Measure Calculations and Scope (MDX)
  • Working with Calculated Attributes in MDX
  • Additive and Semi Additive Measures - Usage
  • Understanding Partitions for Tuning Operations
  • Cube Partitions - Storage and Tuning Options
  • Query Binding and Table Binding For Partitions

SSAS Video 6: Aggregation Design & Storage Modes

  • Role of Measure Group Partitions in Cubes
  • Defining Run-time Calculations on Cube
  • Predefined Calculations on Cube (MDX)
  • Need for Aggregations Design - Use and Scope
  • Aggregation Advantages and Architecture
  • Partitioned Based Aggregations in Cube
  • Designing Dimension Key Based Aggregations
  • Assigning Aggregations and Entity Reuse
  • Aggregations Types - Full, Default and None
  • Aggregations Types - Default and Unrestricted
  • Deciding Storage Modes for Summary Storage
  • Aggregation Storage Modes, Types and Design
  • MOLAP Storage Modes and Automatic Processing
  • Scheduled, Medium and LOW Latency Options
  • Choosing Correct Storage Modes for FASMI
  • Storage Modes For Partitions and Aggregations
  • OLAP Partitioned Cube Re-deployments
  • Need for Perspectives - Creation and Usage
  • Understanding SubCube Creations using BIDS
  • Cube Translations - Purpose and MDX Queries

SSAS Video 7: KPI : Calculations, Functions and Deploy Options

  • Need for Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • KPI Design and Time Based Analysis Options
  • Variance Factors and Calcualtiosn with MDX
  • Understanding Child KPIs and WEIGHT Factors
  • Forecast Analysis - Purpose, Usage, Mining
  • VALUES, GOAL, STATUS and TREND Functions in KPI
  • Cube Design Options with KPI Calculations & Functions
  • Parent - Child KPIs: Usage and Limitations
  • MDX Expressions and Attribute Member Operators
  • Defining KPIs and Goals Using MDX Expressions
  • Understanding Deployment Procedures and Tools
  • SSAS Deployment Wizard and Usage - Limitations
  • Configuration Files and Build Options in SSAS
  • Impersonation Modes - Security Options & Usage
  • Dfining Key Error Logs for Databases and Cubes
  • Using XMLA Scripts for Deployments and Data Loads

SSAS Video 8: SSAS Deployment Wizard and Post Builds

  • Post Deployment Operations in MOLAP
  • Managing SSAS Query Log Providers
  • SSAS Query Logs Tables for MDX Audits
  • Flight Recorder Threads and Performance
  • Data Sampling Intervals and Tuning Proces
  • Managing Partitions & Aggregations
  • Managing Security with MDX Expressions
  • SSAS Server Level Audits and Usage
  • Force Commits, Memory Options and Tuning
  • Processing Options and Dim Key Errors
  • Error Configurations and Unknown Members
  • Dimension Usage and Granularity Concepts
  • SSAS Server Security Roles and Scope
  • Object Level Access and MDX Expressions
  • Creating Credentials for SSAS Deploy Accounts
  • System Accounts and XMLA Proxy Creations
  • Initial Processing and Incremental Schedules
  • XMLA - OLAP Cube Processing Jobs with Proxies
  • Security Roles with XMLA & MDX Expressions
  • Implementing Dynamic Security with MDX Queries

SSAS Video 9: Usage Based Optimization & Writebacks

  • SSAS Database (OLAP) and Cube Audits
  • Security Audits and Query Logs
  • Need for Optimizations and Audits
  • Designing Aggregations for UBO - Tuning
  • Usage Based Optimizations Options and Filters
  • SSAS Log Tables and Flight Recorder Settings
  • MDX Functions and Conditional Joins
  • Understanding CROSSAPPLY and MDX Query Joins
  • Cube and Dimension Writebacks - Usage
  • Writeback Partitions and ROLAP Storage
  • MDX Transactions and Commits - Usage & Limitations
  • MDX with Role-Playing and Conformed Dimensions
  • Sub Cubes Creations, Uses and Limitations
  • MDX Queries on Perspectives and Sub Cubes
  • Processing Indexes and Data with Sub Cubes

SSAS Video 10: Named Queries, Redesign and Templates

  • Configuring ODC Connections For Cube Access
  • Dimension Wizard, Options and Attributes
  • Defining Time Based Dimensions and Entities
  • Creating Dimensions and Attribute Members
  • Aggregations Concept - Row Estimation Rules & Need
  • Named Queries in DSV, Relations and Usage
  • MOLAP Notifications and Auto Process Modes
  • Computed Columns and Named Queries
  • Tuning Processing and Deployment Structures
  • Aggregation Design & Proactive Caching
  • Cache Refresh and Silence (Override) Intervals
  • Cache Rebuilds and Custom Coding Options
  • Notifications and Processing Filters
  • Processing for Incremental Loads with XMLA
  • SSAS Actions with MDX Queries and Usage
  • Excel Pivot Reports and Refresh Options

SSAS Video 11: Tabular Mode : Design and MDX/DAX

  • Tabular Mode - Importance, Configuration and Usage
  • Workspace Server Configuration Settings - SSDT
  • Entity Identification Procedures & Design Constraints
  • Data Import Wizard and Connection Settings
  • Identifying Dimensions and Measure Groups
  • Vertical and Horizontal MDX Filter Options
  • Hierarchy Relations, Keys and Attributes
  • Advanced Cube Design Scenarios & Schemas
  • Aggregated Measures and MDX with KPIs
  • Static and Dynamic Goals in KPIs - Usage
  • Time Based Hierarchies in Tabular Mode
  • Partitioned Dimensions and MDX Queries
  • In-Memory Processing Options and Advantages
  • Conditional MDX Predicates and FILTER()
  • Hierarchical MDX Queries and Nested Sub Queries
  • Querying Tabular Cubes with MDX Joins
  • Item Level Security and DAX Expressions
  • Comparing Multidimensional and Tabular Modes

SSAS Video 12: Data Mining and Tabular Mode Comparisions

  • Need For Data Mining and Forecast Operations
  • Understanding Data Mining Structures
  • Identifying Case Tables and Nested Tables
  • Data Mining Algorithms, Options and Rules
  • Prediction Analysis Options and DMX Functions
  • Input Types and Discrete / Continuous, Drilldowns
  • Decision Trees Algorithm and Dependency Rules
  • Clustering Algorithm and Attribute Groups
  • Neural Net Algorithm and Conditional Mining
  • Comparing Mining Models with Lift Chart
  • DMX Queries and Exporting Forecast Reports
  • (Multidimensional) OLAP Database Management
  • SSAS Cube Process Schedules and Upgrades
  • DMX Interfaces and Usage from SSMS / BIDS
  • OLAP Restore Options and XMLA Language
  • Multidimensional and Tabular Database Backups
  • Compressions and Encryptions with MOLAP/ROLAP
  • Backup Options and Restores Procedures
  • Database Synchronizations and XMLA Scripts
  • Comparing SSAS 2012 with SSAS 2014
  • Comparing Multidimensional and Tabular Modes

One Real-time Cases Study with 24x7 LIVE Server & Video wise Lab and Documentation for each video.

Why choose SQL School™ Training Institute:

  • Completely Practical and Realtime
  • Video Wise Tasks and Assignments
  • Labwork and Material for each video
  • On Job Support even after the course
  • 24x7 Server LIVE Online Lab
  • Mock Interviews and Certification Guidance


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  • ISO Certified Training Instittue

SSAS Video Training Course Highlights:

  • Multidimensional OLAP Server Configuration, Tools
  • Tabular OLAP Server Configuration, Workspace
  • Partition Cubes, UBO, Lazy Aggregations, MDX Filters
  • MDX Security, Actions, DAX and Tabular Expressions
  • Cube Reports with MDX, Nested Sub Cubes, KPIs
  • Data Mining with DMX, Forecasts, Pivot Reports
  • OLAP DB Synchronizations and Tuning Approaches
  • OLAP MDX Calcualtions, Time Based Members
  • MDX and DAX Expressions, Rpeorting



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Please find the Guidelines for Video Based Training (VBT) - Online

1. How does Video Training Works

> Videos are accessible 24x7. You can opt to access any number of videos each day or same video for multiple days.
> Video Course to be completed within 3 months from the date of registration.
> A Technical Test / Mock Interview is conducted and a Course completion certificate to be issued upon completion of the course.


2. Access the videos

> Each video is for duration of 80 - 90 minutes, can be paused/replayed for writing running notes and understanding.
> Each video can be accessible multiple times before you proceed with the next video. Any time, any day.
> To ensure secured delivery of our services the participant shall connect to our video cloud in a secured environment.


3. Study Material, Practice and Doubts/clarifications

> Study Material and Practice examples used in every video to be provided on email.
> Software Installation Assistance and access to our 24x7 LIVE Server to be provided for duration of the course.
> Trainers are available for doubts clarifications. On Skype, Email as well as on Call.


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Who can benefit from this SSAS Video Training course?

This course is helpful for aspiring MSBI Developers, BI Architects, SQL Developers, Database Testers, BI Analysts, DB Architects and .NET Professionals. Also applciable for Microsoft Certification. All training videos are completely practical and realtime. Session Material and LIVE Server with Lab included in the course.

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