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MSBI with DW (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Video Training

On demand Training Videos with your comfortable timings and convenient environment. Our MSBI Video Training course (Code: VC03) offers complete realtime practical examples on SQL BI Dev and Datawarehouse Design with Reports. Study and Practice Material included for every video. Realtime Project, Free LIVE Server Access for Online Lab included in the course. Register for MSBI & DW Video Training

Pre-requisites: Participant should have knowledge on SQL Server T-SQL Queries & Tuning to join this Real-time Practical MSBI Training Course.

MSBI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Video Training - How it works?

Real-time, Practical Training Videos, accessible 24x7. Study, Practice Material and Lab Work for every video. Trainer available for doubts clarifications and support. Theory Material to be provided in Advance. Versions: MSBI 2016, 2014, 2012

Type: 100% Practical & Example Based, Real-time
No. of Videos: 35 Videos (Duration: 85 mins per video)
Course Fee: INR 18000/- (USD 300) payable in 3 installments

This Video Course includes one Real-time Project. Download Brochure
Program Highlights & Trainer Profile

  • Completely Real-time and Practical
  • Video wise Lab Work and Tasks
  • Two Real-time Case Studies
  • One Realtime Project
  • Certifications & Interview Guidance
  • Interview FAQs & Resume Guidance
  • 24x7 LIVE Server with Lab, Support
Trainer: Mr Sai Phanindra T (10+ Yrs Exp, MCT)


SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

No. Of Videos: 13, One Real-time Case Study
SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

No. Of Videos: 12, One Real-time Case Study
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

No. Of Videos: 10, One Real-time Case Study

SSIS Video 1: Introduction to SSIS & DW

  • Need For SQL Server Integration Services
  • Datawarehouse Design & ETL Process
  • DWH ETL Structures, Implementations
  • Installing SSIS Components & Data Tools
  • Datawarehouse Components, SSIS Tools
  • SSIS Configurations and SSIS Catalog DB
  • Understanding SSIS Encryptions and CLR
  • SSIS Developer Environment (SSDT)
  • Control Flow Tasks - Architecture
  • Data Flow Tasks - Architecture & Usage
  • SSIS Packages For Data Flow Operations
  • Need For Data Pipelines in Data Flow
  • Understanding SSIS Package Executions
  • SSIS 64 Bit & 32 Bit Configurations
  • SSIS Errors & Solutions in Real-time

SSIS Video 2: Data Flow Tuning in SSIS

  • Working with Data Flow Objects in SSIS
  • Basic Data Drivers with Data Flow Tasks
  • OLE DB and SQL Server Connections
  • Excel Connections and Memory Usage
  • Error Outputs and Error Row Redirections
  • Transactions & Batch Scoped Data Loads
  • Data Flow Tuning with Locks & Options
  • Understanding Data Flow Transformations
  • Tuning Data Flow Tasks with Fast Loads
  • Fast Load Options - OLE DB Connections
  • Tabular Data Stream (TDS) and Tuning
  • Commit Size Calculations and Memory
  • Rows Per Batch and TDS Computations
  • Identity_Insert, Table Locks, Constraints
  • Regular Loads and Fast loads in ETL / DW

SSIS Video 3: SSIS with Data Loads and DW

  • ETL and DWH Implementations
  • A Sales Scenario for OLTP to DW Loads
  • Kimball Method of BI Design and Keys
  • Bulk Load Operations and Data Import
  • Bypass Prepare and Execute Options
  • PIVOT Transformations & Usage in SSIS
  • Pivot Usage Values - Purpose and Usage
  • Understanding Denormalization and Keys
  • Lineage ID in SSIS - Purpose, Usage
  • Historical Loads, Incremental Updates
  • Debugging Controls in SSIS - Variants
  • Data Flow Debugging & DataViewer

SSIS Video 4: Data Extraction/Loads (ETL) & DW

  • Understanding SCD Transformations
  • Data Staging Operations in SSIS
  • File System Reads and Data Staging
  • Filters and Conditional Splits in DFT
  • Timeouts for Data Loads - Precautions
  • Type I Changes (SCD) for DWH and ETL
  • Dimensional Table Design for DW (SCD)
  • Initial Data Loads with Legacy Files
  • Business Keys and Natural Keys in DW
  • Identity and Attribute Types (SCD)
  • Type II Changes in DWH - Purpose
  • Historical Data Loads and with SSIS
  • Surrogate Keys and Alternate Keys

SSIS Video 5: SSIS with ETL & DW

  • Type II SCD & Surrogate Keys Keys
  • SCD Transformation Working & Options
  • Designing Dimensions for Historical Loads
  • OLE DB Command and Inferred Members
  • Identifying Surrogate Keys for Fact Loads
  • Inferred Members and Incremental Loads
  • Data Delta Operations & Conditional Splits
  • Historical Attributes and Data Updates
  • SSIS Project Level Connection Managers
  • Naming Conventions For SSIS Entities
  • SSIS Connection Assistants Advantages
  • SCD - Limitations & Real-time Issues
  • Need for Alternate Solutions for SCD
  • Identifying Surrogate Keys for Fact Loads

SSIS Video 6: Checkpoint and Transactions

  • Understanding Scripts for Control Flow
  • Execute Tasks & OLE DB Queries
  • Transactions For SSIS Executables
  • SSIS Package Rollbacks and Restarts
  • SSIS Checkpoints - Purpose and Usage
  • Checkpoint Files and Logging Options
  • Transactions with Checkpoint Packages
  • Checkpoint Advantages and Limitations
  • SSIS Variables and Usage in SSIS
  • Working with Static & Dynamic Variables
  • Package Level Parameters and Properties
  • Linking Parameters and Variables
  • Working with Parameters and Variables
  • SSIS Parameters For Dynamic Executions
  • Dynamic Connections and Precedence
  • Dynamic Precedence in Control Flow

SSIS Video 7: Lookups and Fuzzy Lookup Logic

  • Working with OLE DB Data Connections
  • Reference Tables and Data Comparisions
  • Tuning Search Operations & Fuzzy Logic
  • Indexed Searches and Tuning - Memory
  • Threshold Comparisions and Delimiters
  • Conditional Splits and SSIS Expressions
  • SSIS Data Types, Conversion Operations
  • Working with Heterogenous Data Sources
  • Merge Transformation Options & Usage
  • Working with Advanced Transformations
  • SORT and AGGREGATE Transformations
  • Avoiding Fully Blocking Transformations
  • Package Validation, Execution & Cleanup

SSIS Video 8: Checksum Operations for ETL / DW

  • Checksum Transformation in ETL Loads
  • Checksum Transformation with Data Tools
  • Understanding Checksum Logic & Parity
  • Installing and working with CHECKSUM
  • Checksum Values For Type I ETL Changes
  • Checksum For Dimension Table Design
  • Parity Bits and Conditional Lookups
  • Understanding Row Redirects with Lookup
  • Data Updates and OLE-DB Commands
  • Tuning Lookup - Partial and Full Cache
  • Pre-ETL Data Load Operations, Memory
  • Dependant Data Flow Tasks amp; Usage
  • SSIS Internal Parameters, Query Updates

SSIS Video 9: SSIS Customizations with .NET

  • Understanding Script Task (.NET) in SSIS
  • Using VB .Net Script Task with Variables
  • Using VB and C# (.NET) Scripts
  • Data Flow Limitations & Scripting
  • SSIS Expressions & Debugging Options
  • Using SSIS Packages for DB Migrations
  • Performing SQL Server DB Operations
  • SQL Server Maintenance Tasks with SSIS
  • Understanding Control Flow Containers
  • Control Flow File System Tasks
  • .Net Scripting for SQL Server Data
  • SQLDataAdapters, System.Data.SQLClient
  • Adding DTS Packages to SSIS Projects
  • SSIS Package/Project Conversions

SSIS Video 10: Change Data Capture (CDC)

  • CDC Tracking Tables in SQL Server
  • CDC Source, CDC Control and CDC State
  • SSIS CDC Sources and Net Changes
  • SSIS CDC Controls and Caching, Variables
  • State Variables and Logging Tables
  • Initial Load Package for Dimension Table
  • Incremental Load for Dimension Table
  • Dynamic CDC Connections and Data Loads
  • OLE DB Commands and DWH Updates
  • Working with Internal Parameterstions
  • Limitations of ADO.NET and CDC
  • Conditional Precedence for ETL/DW
  • Custom Code with .NET Script in DWH

SSIS Video 11: SSIS Master- Child Packages

  • Understanding Parent - Child Packages
  • Master Packages and Parameters
  • Child Packages and Parameters
  • Local and Global Variables/Parameters
  • Parameter Bindings, Execute Process
  • Execute Out Of Process & Mappings
  • Conditional Data Loads (ETL) and Facts
  • Fact Loads From OLTP & Dimensions
  • Choosing Right Methods for ETL
  • Data Delta Operations with SSIS
  • SQL and ADO with DataAdapters
  • Derived Columns, Data Conversions
  • SSIS Validation & Verifications
  • SSIS Package Deployments & Executions

SSIS Video 12: Project Deployment & Security

  • Package Builds, Verification, Backups
  • SSIS Package Store Deployment Options
  • Package Execution/Validation Reports
  • SSIS Package Security (SSISDB Catalog)
  • SSIS Logins and ssisadmin Role
  • Understanding Folder & Project Security
  • Execute, Write, Management Roles
  • Project Migration Utilities - Limitations
  • Importing ISPAC Files and SSIS Projects
  • Command-Line Deployments and Utilities
  • Scheduling SSIS Packages (Jobs)
  • Upgrading SSIS 2014 to SSIS 2016
  • Handling Enumerations and Lists in SSIS
  • Control Loops and Indexed Connections
  • Data Profiler & ADO Connections

SSIS Video 13: Fact Loads in SSIS

  • Understanding Dimension Loads
  • Creating Scenarios for Fact Loads
  • Generate Time Dimensions for DWH
  • Working with Text Qualifiers (.dat files)
  • Fact Table Loads - Techniques
  • Designing Master - Child Packages
  • Key Based Dimension LOOKUPs
  • SCD Implementations with Legacy Data
  • Fact Loads - Initital Updates
  • Fact Loads - Incremental Updates
  • Master - Child Packages for ETL/DWH
  • Advantages of SSIS ETL/DW Procedures

One Realtime Casestudy for SSIS/ETL & DW

SSAS Video 1: SSAS Configurations & Intro

  • Introduction to SSAS 2014 & 2016
  • SSAS Multidimensional Mode Concepts
  • SSAS Tabular Mode and In-Memory
  • Configuring Multidimensional Modes
  • Configuring Tabular Modes Instances
  • Datawarehouse Architecture & OLAP
  • Understanding Realworld Databases
  • Identifying OLAP / Analysis Entities
  • Need for Cubes and OLAP Databases
  • Kimball and Inmon BI Design Methods
  • A Realworld Example - Sales Scenario
  • Understanding Analysis Requirements
  • Basic SSAS Entities, Stats & Usage
  • Basic difference between OLAP Modes

SSAS Video 2: SSAS Cubes with Examples

  • Deciding Datawarehouse Schema
  • Working with SQL Server Data Tools
  • Understanding SSAS Data Flow Paths
  • Data Sources and Connection Options
  • Data Source Views and Entity Selections
  • Entity Relations in DSV and Logical Keys
  • OLAP Cube Wizard - Entities, Measures
  • Identifying Measures and Measure Groups
  • Identifying Attributes and Dimensions
  • Entity Level Named Calculations in DSV
  • Data Exploration Options in DSV
  • Database Dimensions in OLAP and Usage
  • Cube Dimensions in MOLAP and Usage
  • Cube Design with STAR Schema
  • Common Deployment Errors and Solutions
  • Basic Level Cube Browsing & Access
  • Using MS Excel for OLAP Cube Access

SSAS Video 3: Cube Design and Access with MDX

  • Cube Design Process and Relations
  • DSV - Cube Entities & Computed Columns
  • Cube Design with SNOW FLAKE Schema
  • Entity Level Dimension Design
  • Cube Validations, Builds and Rebuilds
  • Deployment Options and Pre-requisites
  • Processing Options and Data Stages
  • Working with Transactional Deployments
  • Cube and Database Dimension Differences
  • MOLAP Cube Truncate Options - Usage
  • MDX Interface and Cube Browser
  • AXIS and Indicators with Relations
  • NON EMTPY and Naming Conventions
  • Basic MDX Calculations using MDX
  • MDX Query Filters with Cube Interface
  • OLAP Cube Analysis with Excel Tables
  • Configuring ODC Connections with SSAS
  • PIVOT Tables and Cube Report Options

SSAS Video 4: Dimension Types and Hierarchies

  • SSAS Dimension Types and Usage
  • Dimension Entities & Relations
  • Role Playing Dimensions in SSAS
  • Facts and Factless Dimensions
  • Referenced Dimensions & Usage
  • Conformed Dimensions and Usage
  • Degenerate Dimensions and Usage
  • Junk and Hierarchial Dimensions
  • Need for Attribute Hierarchies
  • Attribute Relations and Options
  • Performance Warnings and Solutions
  • Attribute Key Errors and Solutions
  • Working with Multi Level Hierarchies
  • Composite Dimension Attribute Keys
  • Cube Calculations with MDX, Hierarchies
  • MDX Editors for Hierarchies & Levels
  • Default Aggregates with Cube Calculations
  • Attribute Hierarchies and Limitations

SSAS Video 5: Time Based MDX Enhancements

  • Time Based Calculations with MDX
  • Applying Time based Dimensions
  • BI Enhancements and MDX Expressions
  • Identifying Attributes and Hierarchies
  • Attribute Types and Member Scope
  • Time Attribute Types and Usage
  • Need for Time Dimensions in OLAP
  • MDX Scripting for Calculations
  • Additive & Semi Additive Mesures
  • Cube Customizations and Agregates
  • Calculations and Analysis Options
  • Calculation Sets, Scripts & Members
  • Calculation Types - Scope and Usage
  • Working with Calculated Attributes
  • Additive and Semi Additive Measures
  • Identifying Measurable Aggregates
  • Need for Partitions and Tuning Options
  • Partitions - Query Binding & Table Binding

SSAS Video 6: Aggregations & Storage Modes

  • Using SSAS Cube Partitions
  • Run-time Calculations on Cube
  • Predefined Calculations on Cube
  • Cube Aggregations Design & Thresholds
  • Aggregation Advantages and Architecture
  • Partitioned Based Aggregations in Cube
  • Aggregations Design Procedure in Cube
  • Attribute Aggregation Assignments
  • Aggregations - Full, Default and None
  • Default and Unrestricted Aggregations
  • Storage Modes For Measure Groups
  • Aggregation Storage Modes and Types
  • MOLAP Storage - Automatic Processing
  • Scheduled, Medium, Low Latency Options
  • Choosing Storage Modes for FASMI
  • Selecting the correct Storage Modes
  • OLAP Partitioned Cube Re-deployments
  • Need for Perspectives and Usage
  • SubCube Creations Process using SSDT
  • Need for Translations and Usage

SSAS Video 7: KPI Calculations, MDX Functions

  • Need for Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • KPI Design and Time Based Analysis
  • Understanding Forecast Analysis
  • Cube Calcualtions, Scripts and KPI
  • Parent - Child KPIs and Usage
  • Child KPIs and WEIGHT Factors
  • Calculating Variance Factors
  • MDX Expressions and Member Operators
  • Defining KPIs and Goals using MDX
  • Deployment Process and Tools
  • SSAS Deployment Wizard and Use
  • Configuration Files and Build
  • Key Error Logs for Cubes with KPIs
  • Using XMLA Scripts for Deployments

SSAS Video 8: SSAS Builds and Deployments

  • Post Deployment Operations in SSAS
  • Managing SSAS MDX Log Providers
  • SSAS Query Logs Tables for Audits
  • Flight Recorder Threads, Performance
  • Deciding Data Sampling Intervals
  • Managing Partitions & Aggregations
  • Managing Cube Security with MDX
  • Server Level Audits and Options
  • Force Commits and Memory Options
  • Error Configurations, Unknown Members
  • Dimension Usage and Granularity
  • SSAS Security Roles and Types, Usage
  • Object Level Access, MDX Expressions
  • Creating Credentials for SSAS Accounts
  • Initial Processing, Incremental Schedules
  • XMLA - OLAP Cube Processing Jobs
  • Security Roles with XMLA & MDX
  • Dynamic Security with MDX Queries

SSAS Video 9: UBO and Cube Writebacks

  • SSAS Database and Cube Audits
  • Security Audits and Query Logs
  • Need for Optimizations and Audits
  • Designing Aggregations for UBO
  • UBO Options and Attribute Filters
  • SSAS Log Tables and MDX Queries
  • MDX Functions & Conditional JOINS
  • Cube and Dimension Writebacks
  • Writeback Partitions and ROLAP Storage
  • MDX Transactions & Limitations
  • MDX with Role-playing Dimensions
  • MDX with Perspectives, Translations
  • Processing Indexes and Cube Data
  • DESCANDANTS, PARENT, Other Functions
  • Sub Cubes Creations and Limitations

SSAS Video 10: Named Queries and Redesign

  • Configuring ODC Connections (End User)
  • Dimension Wizard and Attributes
  • Building Time Based Cube Dimensions
  • Creating Dimensions From Named Queries
  • Row Estimation Rules and Aggregations
  • Named Queries, Relations and Usage
  • Notifications and Auto Process Modes
  • Aggregation Design and Data Caching
  • Computed Queries and Named Queries
  • Tuning Processing Entities in Cube
  • Cache Refresh and Silence Intervals
  • Proactive Caching and Custom Options
  • Notifications and Processing Filters
  • Processing for Incremental Loads
  • Cube Actions with MDX and Drilldown
  • Excel Pivots and Refresh Options

SSAS Video 11: Tabular Mode Design & MDX/DAX

  • Tabular Mode Cube Design Process
  • Work Space Configuration Settings
  • Table - Import Wizard and Data Sources
  • Tabular Dimensions and Measure Groups
  • Filter Options - Vertical and horizontal
  • Hierarchy Relations and Attributes
  • Advance Tabular Cube Design Scenarios
  • Aggregated Measures with KPIs (Tabular)
  • Static and Dynamic Goals in KPIs
  • Time Based Hierarchies in Tabular Mode
  • Partitioned Dimensions & Usage
  • In-Memory Processing Options in ROLAP
  • Hierarchial MDX in Tabular Mode
  • Filtered MDX Queries in Tabular Mode
  • Item Level Security and DAX Expressions
  • Comparing MOLAP and Tabular Modes

SSAS Video 12: Data Mining and Tabular Mode

  • Data Mining and Forecasting Options
  • Prediction Functions and Analysis
  • Need for Data Mining Structures
  • Identifying Case and Nested Tables
  • Attribute Types and Discrete Drilldowns
  • Data Mining Algorithms and Rules
  • Decision Trees Algorithm & Precedence
  • Clustering Algorithm & Attribute Groups
  • Neural Net Algorithm & Conditional Mining
  • Lift Chart and Comparing Mining Models
  • DMX Queries and Forecast Reports
  • XMLA Schedules and SSAS Upgrades
  • DMX Interfaces (UI)and Lift Charts
  • OLAP Restore Options and XMLA
  • Comparing SSAS 2012, 2014 & 2016
  • OLAP & Tabular Database Backups
  • OLAP DB Backup Options and Restores
  • Database Synchronizations and XMLA
  • Multidimensional Versus Tabular Modes
  • Choosing Right Mode for your Business

One Realtime Casestudy For SSAS & MDX

SSRS Video 1: SSRS Configurations

  • Need For Reporting Solutions and SSRS
  • SSRS Components and Installation
  • SSRS Configuration Procedures, Tools
  • Three Phase Reporting Life Cycle
  • Report Engine Architecture, Webservice
  • Report Server DB Usage & Storage
  • Web Services in SSRS and Access
  • SSRS 2012 and Web Service URLs
  • SSRS 2014 and Web Service URLs
  • SSRS 2016 and Web Service URLs
  • Report Server and Report Manger
  • Virtual Directories and Access Ports
  • Communication Ports & Encryptions
  • Report Designer Usage and Scope
  • Report Builder Tool Usage and Scope
  • Report Server Configuration Manager

SSRS Video 2: Report Design - I

  • SSRS Report Planning & Authoring
  • Data Source Server/DB Connections
  • Visual Studio Data Tools Templates
  • Report Design with Wizard Template
  • Table Reports and Layout Options
  • Matrix Reports and Column Drilldown
  • Choosing Report Fields & Pagination
  • Designing OLTP Reports with Relations
  • Using Query Designer on OLTP Data
  • Working with Aliasing & Expressions
  • Queries with Many-to-Many Relations
  • Enterprise Reports and Usage
  • Report Formatting Styles, Syntax
  • Alternate Row Colors & Expressions

SSRS Video 3: Report Design - II

  • Formatting Options & Expressions
  • Mathematical Functions in Expressions
  • Working with Date/ Time Formats
  • Grouping Options with Report Designer
  • Working with Parent and Child Groups
  • Group Properties - Row Level
  • Group Properties - Column Level
  • Advanced Properties, Groups Repeats
  • Drilldown Reports and Toggling
  • Grouping Reports and Pagination
  • Repeating Headers and Options
  • Textbox Fields and Format Options
  • Multi Toolbox Items in Reports

SSRS Video 4: Report Design - III

  • Working with Shared Datasets
  • Dataset Conversions and Types
  • Working with Report Headers
  • Creating DataSet and Query Parameters
  • Static Parameters and Options
  • Dynamic Parameters and Usage
  • Dependant Parameters and Filters
  • Reports with Multiple Datasets
  • SSRS Parameters and Properties
  • Dynamic Parameters &andUsage
  • Dependent Parameters & Usage
  • Multivalued & Nullable Parameters
  • Report Filters in Data Sets
  • Report Filters in Toolbox Items
  • Parameters and Filters - Limitations
  • Using SSRS Expressions & Globals
  • Advanced Parameters & Refresh

SSRS Video 5: Report Design - IV

  • Designing Chart Based Reports
  • Series Properties and Options
  • Legend - Properties and Placement
  • Chart Areas with Toolbox Items
  • Chart Area Properties & Limitations
  • Label Properties and Markers
  • Axis Titles and Margin Options
  • Axis Labels and Grids Marks
  • Working with 3-Dimensional Reports
  • Category Groups and Series Groups
  • Report Item Actions and Usage
  • Report Actions - Parameters, Limitations
  • Report Actions and Dynamic Parameters
  • Type Conversions in SSRS Expressions
  • Common Report Errors and Solutions

SSRS Video 6: Report Design - V

  • Gauge Reports and Indicators
  • Gauge Report Types and Options
  • Gauge Properties and Usage
  • Gauge Panel Properties and Filters
  • Scale and Pointer Specifications
  • Parameterized Gauge Reports
  • Indicators and Field Level Filters
  • Indicators Value and States
  • Filters and Indicator Options
  • Dynamic Options and Parameters
  • Working with SSAS Cube Reports
  • MDX Queries and DataSet Design
  • Parameters with MDX Reports
  • Identifying KPIs and Measures
  • SSRS Reports versus Excel Reports
  • Tuning MDX Reports in SSRS
  • Real-world Considerations

SSRS Video 7: Report Design - VI

  • Installing Report Builder Tool
  • Report Builder Versions and Limitations
  • Toolbox Options and Format Options
  • Tablix Reports with Report Builder
  • Report Datasets and Parameters
  • Understanding Report Filters
  • Designing Geographical Queries
  • Map Reports with Stored Procedures
  • Map Reports with Indicators, Labels
  • Analytical Reports and Usage
  • Creating RDL Files with Report Builder
  • Designing Reports with Procedures
  • Internal Parameters in SSRS (SPs)
  • Hidden Parameters with SSRS (SPs)
  • Benefits of Stored Procedures in SSRS

SSRS Video 8: Report Design - VII

  • Working with Multiple Datasets
  • Joining Datasets and LOOKUP
  • Local versus Shared Datasets
  • Databar Reports and Usage
  • Sparkline Reports and Usage
  • Adding Chart Areas and Options
  • Adding Chart Series and Options
  • Report Dashboards - Importance
  • Dashboard Reports Creation
  • Query Techniques for Reporting
  • Report Chart Types and Usage
  • Series Cluster Usage Options
  • Category Groups and Options
  • Item List Reports and Usage
  • Sub Reports Design & Parameters
  • Auto-size and RS Format Options

SSRS Video 9: SSRS Deployment & Management

  • Report Manager Configurations
  • Managing Data Sources Security
  • Report Server Security Levels
  • Exporting and Importing Reports
  • Snapshot Usage and Management
  • Site Settings and Global Schedules
  • Tuning SSRS - Report Perforamnce
  • ReportServerTempdb Usage & Tuning
  • Report Builder Connection Reuse
  • Creating SSRS Subscriptions & Agent
  • Report Designer Vs Report Builder
  • Report Parts and RS Storage
  • Publishing Report Parts in RB
  • Stored Procedures in Report Builder
  • Report Delivery Options & Schedules
  • Accessing and controlling reports
  • Working with Email Options
  • Working with Encryption Keys
  • Working with Execution Accounts
  • SSRS Configurations & Security

SSRS Video 10: SSRS with Power View

  • Scale-out Deployment Options in SSRS
  • Configuring SSRS for Scale-Out Options
  • Creating SMDL Report Templates
  • Deploying SMDL Templates in Report DB
  • Using SMDL Templates for Reporting
  • Power Pivot Configurations in Excel
  • Power View Report Configurations
  • Power View for RDLX Reports
  • Tables, Charts and Data Bars
  • Cube Reports and MDX Queries
  • Cube Reports with MDX Parameters
  • Pivot Tables Versus Pivot Charts
  • Comparing PowerView and Report Builder
  • Drillthrough Report Management Options
  • Migrating Reports with SSRS - Options

One Realtime Casestudy For SSRS

PS: Above curriculum applicable for registrations from October 21st, 2016.


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